FAQs - Influencers

Please hit signup as creator anywhere on the website and leave the details. Our Team will verify your account and bring you onboard.

Brands on a routine conduct over 1000's of searches on skreem everyday for their campaign. We have a recommendation engine which awards you a score based on your abilities to create content and influence. Inorder to comeup in Brand search you have to keep your profile updated on Skreem.

When a brand performs a influencer search. Influencers are recommended to Brands by our recommendation engine. If the brands decide to work with you, they will reach out to you directly.

Based on our own research, we've designed a RATE CARD within the App. Although we recommend you start off low, and only raise it if you feel you can. It goes without saying; the higher your fee, the stronger your recognition, content and audience engagement should be.

Rather than being rated by brands, your rating is actually calculated by skreem and takes into account considerations like your professionalism, activity and engagement.

Your influencer rating is refreshed every 6 hours.

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