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Influencers on Skreem

Nano Influencers

Most authentic amongst the lot. Nano-influencers are generally defined as having between 1,000-10,000 followers on social media, especially Instagram. High engaged following with higher conversion rates.

Micro Influencers

Budding content creators, who generally have between 10,000- 50,000 followers. Driven and Most hard working amongst all categories. known for their passion and excellent content creation skills

Macro Influencers

We define a macro-influencer as any creator that has more than 100,000 followers and at least 3% engagement. Macro influencers are known for their thought leadership, strong opinions and power to influence.


Achievers in their own space with more than 5M+ following celebrity could be a TV personality, sports stars, rockstar or thought leader in their community

How Skreem Helps Influencers

It's always been a pleasure working with Skreem - one of the few companies that treat influencers and brands with equal respect. They're patient, willing to explore the creative side of influencers and I love that about them!

Diskha Sharma

Skreem's approach reduces so much clutter that our content approvals are shorter and brand relationships are stronger.

Kinjal Bhanushali

Skreem always respects our audience's sentiments and never pushes to do content that goes against it. We appreciate this freedom for content creation to meet our audiences' sentiments.

Reva Parihar

We have been associated with Skreem since long and it’s always a remarkable experience. Have worked with some of the finest brands in Fashion & Lifestyle in association with Skreem.

The Street Stalkers

Amazing experience working with Skreem. One of the most professional agencies when it comes to executing influencer marketing campaigns with top of the line brands and innovative ideas.

Thomson Sequeira

Skreem's attention to detail has always been spot on. They encourage and support regional content creators like us, and takes our voice to the mainstream.

Sujith Bhakthan

It’s been a wonderful experience working with the team at Skreem. The whole process is really made very easy and hassle free. We look forward to continue working with them in the future!

Hungry Travellers

Lifestyle, Food & Travel Influencer from Bangalore. I have been associated with Skreem from its inception and seen the company evolve over the years. Being an influencer its always necessary to work with best brands, interesting campaigns and get reasonable pay. Thanks to Skreem, its all been made possible and I hope that our association continue for many years to come. A special note on the individuals working for Skreem, I love their professionalism, passion & helpfulness. I wish the Skreem team all the very best and hope that they go from strength to strength and work with the best of brands.

Nameesh Rajamane

Skreem ensures that their influencers do not face any sort of inconvenience in regards to anything and everything. The work is managed really well and quick. Skreem is in my good books and I look forward to continue working with them.


I’m Vaibhav Keswani, a fashion influencer from Mumbai. My experience with Skreem has been really delightful because I believe the team is really cordial and they are fun to work with. The best part is they have a great clarity of thought which I believe is really essential to get some nice output. I have had really pleasant experiences working with Skreem and look forward to many more.

Vaibhav Keswani

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